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Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 2

Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 2
Author: Ayoub, Bob
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ISBN-10: 88880086675
ISBN-13: 88880086675
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Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 2 will teach you how to read Arabic in less time than any other traditional book. It will gradually introduce you to the basic letters, and their various sub-forms. You will learn all the symbols, and read Arabic text with 7arakaat. 27 years of teaching experience have contributed to the writing of this book. The approach is modern, and the lessons are well devised to make learning a language less stressful. Each lesson is divided into 4 sections: The first section targets your communication skills. You will learn the basic structure of slang Lebanese and then move on to a real situational dialogue that you can study and practice with another fellow student. The second section will target your reading skills. Repetition will help you master the letters and their sub-forms. You will learn how to read them in different situations. The third section deals with formal grammar: the verb tenses, nouns (singular, dual, and plural), adjectives, and more. The last section deals with exchanging cultural awareness. You will discover all the fascinating aspects of the Arabic culture.