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Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 5

Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 5
Author: Ayoub, Bob
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ISBN-10: 88880086678
ISBN-13: 88880086678
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Introduction to Modern Arabic Level 5 is where all the bits and pieces come together. With more advanced slang dialogues, and more practical verb conjugations, you will speak, read, and write Arabic. You will be introduced to Arabic spelling and practice how to read without 7arakaat. 27 years of teaching experience have contributed to the writing of this book. The approach is modern, and the lessons are well devised to make learning a language less stressful. In each lesson the student will be introduced to: - An advanced Lebanese dialogue that the students can read, and practice with fellow students. - Further enhancing their Arabic handwriting. - Learn a spelling rule. - Practice reading without 7arakaat. - A common verb they can conjugate in fos7a and slang. - Reading a full formal text with discussions on the text.