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Mikomosis and the Wetiko

Mikomosis and the Wetiko
Author: Val Napoleon
Price: $ 9.95
ISBN-10: 8900248499
ISBN-13: 9788900248494
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The graphic novel, a composite of true situations, is the tale of a Cree man sentenced to death by a 19th-century Alberta court after carrying out an execution ordered by his Cree community. A contingent of Indigenous lawyers travels back in time to intervene and apply aspects of Indigenous law not originally presented. The court finds the accused not guilty as he was fulfilling his legal obligations which were appropriate in that day.

The project, led by law professor, Dr. Val Napoleon and UVic alumnae Hadley Hadley Friedland, was sponsored by the UVic clinic, the Indigenous Bar Association and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, with funding from the Ontario Law Foundation.