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Alchemy of Astonishment: Engaging the Power of Theatre

Alchemy of Astonishment: Engaging the Power of Theatre
Author: Will Weigler
Price: $ 19.95
ISBN-10: 155058586X
ISBN-13: 9781550585865
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When stage director Will Weigler analyzed nearly 100 stories from people about their most unforgettable experiences at the theatre, he realized that even though the plays were very different, they all had one thing in common. After discovering just what it was that made them so astonishing, he turned the results of his research into a vocabulary of staging strategies that anyone can access to powerfully express the stories they want to tell through theatre. Combining theory with application, The Alchemy of Astonishment is a useful resource for scholars, educators, students, theatregoers, and theatre artists of every kind. For those who facilitate devised theatre with communities, this book and its supplementary deck of teaching cards offer professional artists and the people with whom they work a shared language that will allow them to meet as equitable partners in the creative co-authorship and staging of dynamic and compelling plays.