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Accounting for Success The Guide to Case Resolution

Accounting for Success The Guide to Case Resolution
Author: Sylvie Deslauriers
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ISBN-10: 1928067158
ISBN-13: 9781928067153
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The book Accounting for Success is intended for students and candidates called upon to resolve multi-subjects integrated cases during their accounting studies. It promotes learning by developing a practical and structured approach. To this end, comments are abundantly illustrated by using examples taken, among others, from the detailed analysis of a simulation appended hereto.
Dr. Sylvie Deslauriers is the recipient of the 2016 L.S. Rosen Outstanding Educator Award and the 2016 & 2015 Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award confered by the Canadian Academic Accounting Association.
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CONTENTS: Foreword Part 1: Reading and Annotating a Case Part 2: Planning One's Answer Part 3: Drafting Relevant Ideas Part 4: Drafting New Ideas Part 5: Expressing One's Ideas Efficiently Part 6: Making Proper Calculations Part 7:Analysing A Simulated Case Part 8: Assessing The Performance Of An Answer Part 9: Acquiring Knowledge And Experience Part 10: Putting The Means for Success On Your Side Conclusion Appendix A: Digital Future Technologies (DFT)