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The Broadview Guide to Writing – Revised Canadian Sixth Edition

The Broadview Guide to Writing – Revised Canadian Sixth Edition
Author: Doug Babington; Don LePan; Maureen Okun
Price: $37.58
ISBN-10: 1460406028
ISBN-13: 9781460406021
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Increasingly, writing handbooks are seen as over-produced and overpriced. One stands out: The Broadview Guide to Writing is published in an elegant but simple format, and sells for roughly half the price of its fancier-looking competitors. That does not change with the new edition; what does change and stay up-to-date is the book’s contents. For the sixth edition the coverage of APA, Chicago, and CSE styles of documentation has been substantially expanded; the MLA section has now been fully revised to take into account all the 2016 changes. Also expanded is coverage of academic argument; of writing and critical thinking; of writing about literature, of paragraphing; of how to integrate quoted material into one’s own work; of balance and parallelism; and of issues of gender, race, religion etc. in writing. The chapter “Seeing and Meaning: Reading (and Writing About) Visual Images” is entirely new to the sixth edition.