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Canada's Place

Canada's Place
Author: Lorne Tepperman & Maria Finnsdottir
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ISBN-10: 1772442313
ISBN-13: 9781772442311
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This intriguing new book explores Canada’s progress in dealing with a number of pressing social problems, including ethnic, racial, gender and economic inequalities, the treatment of Indigenous peoples, crime and violence, and environmental issues. The authors compare Canada to sixteen other similar countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. They note that while Canada has done well in certain areas—including welcoming large numbers of immigrants and encouraging them to become productive and engaged members of Canadian society—the country has much to learn from its peers in addressing other challenges. In concluding, Tepperman and Finnsdottir consider the significant differences among Canada’s provinces and territories in dealing with social problems, and suggest ways in which Canada could better deal with social issues and further improve what for most of its citizens is an already enviable quality of life.