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Head and HeART: Yoga Therapy and Art Therapy Interventions for Mental Health

Head and HeART: Yoga Therapy and Art Therapy Interventions for Mental Health
Author: Ellen G. Horovitz
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ISBN-10: 1912085844
ISBN-13: 9781912085842
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'The incidence and burden of mental health challenges in our modern stressed society is formidable. A limitation of our current medical system's approach to treatment of mental health conditions is that it is focused on pharmaceutical, cognitive and talking therapies. These do not address the many physical, creative and spiritual aspects of these conditions, which, if they were treated, could substantially improve treatment efficacy. This book effectively addresses this limitation by providing a comprehensive and detailed theoretical and practical guide to the skills and behavioral practices from both art and yoga therapy, and is likely to be a valuable resource for both art and yoga therapists as well as conventional mental health providers.' -Sat Bir Singh Khalsa PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Chief Editor, The Principles and Practice of Yoga Therapy Western psychological processes compared to the Kle as, V ittis, Ko as, Gunas, Dosas, Nadi System, Cakras, and the Yamas and Niyamas make this book accessible even to those unfamiliar with yogic philosophy and psychology. Clearing exercises, warm-up techniques, yogic breathing for mood management, modifications and sequencing of poses, assessments for the mind and body , digital and telehealth applications, yoga prop usage, and co-morbid, clinical cases children, adolescents and adults are presented throughout as a guide for the reader. Practical reflection exercises are offered in the Introductory chapter and chapters 3-6. These suggested practices summarize and reiterate the clinical material for the reader, and afford expansion toward oneself and /or one's clinical caseload.