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Animal Osteopathy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Osteopathic Treatment of Animals and Birds

Animal Osteopathy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Osteopathic Treatment of Animals and Birds
Author: Anthony Nevin
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ISBN-10: 1912085275
ISBN-13: 9781912085279
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A comprehensive reference textbook for all those using osteopathic treatment techniques with animals or birds, or studying to do so. The book is divided into sections: equine osteopathy; general small animal osteopathy; osteopathy for exotics pets such as tortoise, snakes, ferrets etc; osteopathy for wildlife-native as well as non to the UK including species found in most zoological collections; avian osteopathy-both domestic and wild/exotic. Each section covers information specific to that group. This makes the book appropriate for supporting structured postgraduate university validated courses in a clear and easily navigable way. Content includes detailed sections on the differences encountered when working with animals; health and safety around different species; working within the law; integrating with allied professions; anatomy; physiology and pathophysiology; neurology; orthopaedics; differential diagnosis; differential aetiology of presenting conditions when compared to the human model; supportive husbandry and rehabilitation methods. It also includes sections covering approaches to patient care; specifics of taking a detailed case history; use of supporting diagnostics; observation; palpation; structuring a treatment programme suitable for each species. Osteopathic treatment techniques and physical patient contact methods are explained and graphically illustrated. All chapters are fully referenced and include revision notes to act as guidelines for the reader.