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Transformative : McMaster University’s tradition of breaking with tradition

Transformative : McMaster University’s tradition of breaking with tradition
Author: Scott Koblyk ; with a foreword by Stephen A. Jarislowsky, C.C., G.O.Q.
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ISBN-10: 177785461X
ISBN-13: 9781777854614
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A Story of Transformative Leadership Thirty-four years apart, two McMaster University presidents included the same sentence in their installation speeches: Here at McMaster, we must be guided by the great traditions of this university, but in this rapidly changing world, we must be prepared to break new ground and discard old rules where necessary. The two presidents – Henry “Harry” Thode and Peter George – would become two of the most transformative leaders in the university’s history. These trailblazers and others delivered profound change through a brand of strategic disruption that can be taught, learned, emulated and adapted by other leaders who aspire to create exceptional organizations, corporations and universities. Transformative describes a leadership approach that has become part of McMaster University’s legacy. It is the tradition of breaking with tradition.