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Internal Communications in Canada

Internal Communications in Canada
Author: Mark Hunter LaVigne
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ISBN-10: 1772442518
ISBN-13: 9781772442519
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Today's turbulent, ever-changing world has made the practice of internal communications more important than ever, as both private and public sector organizations deal with such challenges as global pandemics, remote and hybrid work arrangements, and innovative technologies-including the nascent "metaverse." The result is a new and growing opportunity for public relations practitioners, as the field of internal communications diverges from traditional human resources roles and functionalities. Internal Communications in Canada provides a concise, cutting-edge introduction to the field. Intended for students and junior practitioners, this exciting resource---created by Canadian practitioners for Canadian practitioners---covers a variety of key topics, including: The basics of organizational theory Publics, cultures, and climates within organizations Best practices for working in groups Employee engagement Communications models and theories Internal communications research The importance of privacy considerations in internal communications Multigenerational communications Crisis communications Diversity, equity, and inclusion in internal communications Communications and change management Communications within a collective-agreement environment New social-media approaches to internal communications Chapters contributed by PR practitioners David Scholz, Sarah K. Jones, Colleen Killingsworth, William Wray Carney, and Danielle Kelly provide additional layers of insight and analysis. The result is---as Daniel Granger points out in his Foreword---an important addition to the study of public relations in Canada.