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The Foundations and Processes of Clear Communication

The Foundations and Processes of Clear Communication
Author: Cheryl Stephens
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ISBN-10: 1772871052
ISBN-13: 9781772871050
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The Foundations and Processes of Clear Communication is composed of eleven chapters and has been written for a specific audience and teaching goal. Intended readers include writers and editors who want to understand plain language and apply it to their work; business communicators who do not see themselves as writers but turn out volumes of written materials; students learning the art and science of communicating well among others interested in learning how to write within pragmatic communication contexts. This text is based on Cheryl Stephens' philosophy of plain language communication. For Stephens this means that 'information must be provided so the largest number of people who need it can understand and act on it.' With this foundational value in mind, The Foundations and Processes of Clear Communication introduces the reader to a step-by-step creation of successful plain language content from determining a communication need or finding a design that works best for specific readers, to verifying that it does in fact work for those readers, and reaching the final goal of  a working, clear, effective text or communication product. By the end of the book, readers will have the skills and understanding to create a world of accessible information for those who need it most. The outline of the text is straightforward showing the pragmatic writer a tested and efficient way to ensure accurate assessment of readers' communication needs, how to design the text for a specific situation and audience and verification of the design to ensure that it works efficiently and clearly.