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About "Digital Study Versions" (DSV)

DSV’s or Digital Study Versions are free enhanced digital versions of course material content which can be downloaded an unlimited number of times from this site. Titles available are in the public domain or are royalty free versions of materials authored by instructors. DSV’s include basic study tools such as highlighting, annotations and search capabilities.

In a pilot project beginning in the1990’s thousands of public domain versions of text books were distributed at no charge along side of printed copies of the same title. In many cases free versions resulted in increased sales of the printed version. Students explained that the digitized versions were used for assignment preparation and the print versions were read from in their conventional form.

The titles selected for conversion to DSV's were selected based on the analysis of titles for courses at North American colleges and universities. If you would like a title to be considered for conversion to a DSV and added to the list please let us know.